woensdag 5 april 2017

Anima Sola Project 2017
Materials used: Black ceramics
The Anima Sola or the lonely soul, is a methaphor for the suffering of the human soul in purgatory.

These pieces are made for the purpose of meditation on the  human condition and anatomy.
Each piece is handcrafted and has also the capacity to be used as an inscense burner.

“The human anatomy forms the purgatory in this case. There is no escape from the human condition, chained to his dna and haunted by his own reality.”.

zaterdag 26 november 2016


Two unique black ceramic sculptures are shown at the Ganda XXI special art event 37th edition (http://www.kunst-antiek-design-gent.be). Art, design and antiques of Ghent 2016.
These can be seen and purchased from the 25th November until the 6th December at Het Tijdreisbureau - Ottogracht 35 - 9000 Ghent.

maandag 7 december 2015

Ceramic preparations, fabric, wood, leafs.


I collaborated with the TANK#series Curated by kunstenal.
The exposition was held in a old Mansion, with made a perfect fit.

For this exposition I placed my latest ceramic preparations in the middle of one of the rooms.
The combinations of leafs, wood and the classic architecture made the room a very intriguing one.
It became a shrine of some sorts.
This work as most of my work vanity and contemplation, the breaking of illusions to establish a different state of mind. Each Sculpture is also a functional object.( contemplation, incense burner)

The concept of the RED ROOM brings the exterior world into the interior world, and reveals the internal mechanisms of the human anatomy by removing her facade.
Through this action, she unveils the secrets and the primal matter of which we all are part, and creates a twilight zone.

RED ROOM is a dissection of body and spirit.
The human condition becomes undone of her illusion of her cultural status, morality, ethics, tantrums. The room shows the true face in all of us. There are nog guarantees only conditions. REDS ROOM invites you to contemplation and intensity in your existence.

The following pictures are from the RED ROOM 04/12/2015

Pictures were taken by J. Schoonjans. S.Cleays. And Julie O.

The Ceramic preparations will always be exposed with natural elements surrounding them. Here are pictures from an earlier installation in 2014 at an undefined location.
The interaction with the nature gave birth to the concept Red Room

This is an ongoing process. There is more to be unveiled.

zaterdag 18 januari 2014


The main form of Process of Alteration will be a graphic novel.
It will deal with objectivly with reality with a focal point on vitality and chaos.
Through philosophy and psychology it will grant you a deeper acces in these themes.

The prime focus will be on the dissection of human existance and the prime chaos.
The secundary focus will be on the great work and mental techniques of deduction and focus.

The book will concist out of two tomes.
They will be availlable in small format.

As alwyas the illustrations will be partially manifested in reality.
Here is a preview of the first forms still under construction.
These will be created in limited form and will be for sale.

Each artifact has a function for the user.

woensdag 7 augustus 2013

Disection/Drawing Marathon Biomab March 2013

Disection/Drawing Marathon Biomab March 2013

Here are some impression of the 6th ars dissection drawing session as part of the international ART RESEARCHES SCIENCE Program. It was a wonderfull iniative by Biomab for an international public of artists. For centuries Artists and scientist have worked together in the light of science and anatomy, with this marathon this costum has been revived. It was a day full of al kinds of impressions of knowledge.

These drawing made by the participants  will be visible at an international event organized in 2014, the 500th birthday year of the great anatomist Andreas Vesalius. More info will follow about this event.

In the meantime enjoy these drawings.

dinsdag 21 februari 2012

❖Project: Santissima ❖

LA HUESUDA(bony lady)
SENORA DE LA NOCHE / lady of the night
SENORA BLANCA (white woman)
SENORA NERO ( black woman)
NINA SANTA(holy child)
LA FLACA (the skinny one)


This project has been officially finished,
And the results are three black ceramic santa muertes statues and one artificial cave.
And four procelain santa muertes

Here you can see the pictures of the results and the process.

The first made Santa Muerte had a horrible shrink into the oven, only four of the six survived the proces,
yet one has been sold to the HOUSE OF ELLIOT and its beloved Master. As every process there is change, and so I continue but in black ceramics. Preparations are made for a Grotto wich will eventualy be displayed on an exhibtion.
***Pictures follow soon***

These are just a few names for the holy godess of death,
Resurected in the 1960's from the ancient mesoamerican (Mictlantecuhtli) culture and hybrid with catholicism and even Vodou.
The Santa Muerte / Holy death is there for everyone, king and thug alike, she makes no differance
acts only in the name of true justice... 
She is neutral: good nor bad
she is death, and incorruptable...

She is crossing the mexican border allready,
She is an international manifestation of the embodiment of death
Ancient as time itself.

Her colors change her meaning:
For the moment only 2 colours black & white will be made due to timing/

 ❖ ❖ ❖ 

WHITE: loyalty, purity or the cleansing of negative influences
BLACK:total protection against black magic or sorcery, or conversely for negative magic or for force or power.
RED:love and passion with partner and/or family. It can also signal emotional stability
BLUE: indicates wisdom and insight.
PURPLE: indicate the need to open some kind of pathway
BROWN:to invoke spirits from beyond 

Oh Death, glorious death,
I implore you, face to face.
Don't let me be without your protection
Holy vessel, to holy vessel.
Walk with me, protect me.
Vanquish my enemies.
Conquer those, who are conquering me.
Like Jesus conquered on the cross.
I offer you my blood, oh holy death.
My blood is your blood.
It courses like fire through my veins.
No sin, no transgression against me shall ever be forgotten.
Holy death is with me in holy communion.
Oh death, beautiful death.

Here you can see the work in process:
Six statue of the godess will be made and painted in her respectfull colors.
I hope one can be end up in actual mexico.

Preparation for a Sanctuary are made.

IO and behold.
The sigil of the Santa Muert
It has protective power and you can find it in Mexico, carved on doors, placed on cars, inside homes on her shrine etc.

This sigil will be marked with the proper colored glazing upon each Santa Muerte Statue.

For more (cult)ural information on the Santa Muerte the blogspot of Sin Jones can enlighten your further

zaterdag 26 november 2011

Project Porcelain

 Project on little porcelain skulls of (still/new)born children

Unless you become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven...❖
Reset your life and start again, any time you want,
you can start all over, clear minded and determined
where will you go...

NEWS on this series:

This calls for an exhibition

A limited edtion of 30 skulls have been carefully prepared and fired in the oven.
White as bone, beautifull in true porcelain.
There will be ten different designs who will be hand drawn on there craniums.
These illustrations will be memento's accompanied by certain symbols attributed to infant dead and mortality

The serie is know officially complete and will be presented soon as a whole on this site.
*If you are interested you can use the contact form.*

-In this series I want the spectator to become aware of his precious time on earth
and the action he makes. 
To remember how to be reborn...-

Here is small presentation:
 straight from the fires.



Hodie mihi, cras tibi
Today me, tomorow thee
Heden ik, morgen gij,
Aujourd'hui moi demain toi
Heute ich, morgen dich...

 Some details of the hand illustrated craniums;
Each one is inscibed with phrases who shoul reset the mind.

 There are life size,
fragility and pureness resonates around them

 I have added a porcelain display, for the stillborn child.
The base features a baroque floral design and will be removable.

Here you can see the skulls in a previous stage, unfired
yet sendig out a certain message